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The Best 5 Museums in Rome :

Rome is full of museums, areas and exhibitions to visit;
choose the best and most interesting is not easy, but here below you find a small list of 5 Museums in Rome not to be missed.
These museums are the most famous and also those that offer the best and most popular works of the world  and the great history of the Eternal City, in an impressive path of the important characters and events that have marked the history and changed the lives of the world .

1 – Vatican Museum in the Vatican City:
the most important and magnificent collection in the world is contained in the rooms where they worked the greatest artists: Michelangelo, Raphael and Caravaggio (only a few), a priceless collection that will culminate with the
wonderful and entrancing Sistine Chapel.

2 – Capitoline Museums:
the glories of Rome in the history, the Roman Empire recounted in a unique and valuable collection that will leave you breathless…..,
to visit the Eternal City, you must know the story: you will discover the Roman origins, with the fascinating legend of Romolo and Remo and the Roman Wolf, and admire the deeds of its emperors, Julius Caesar, Octavian, Marco Aurelio and many more. (www.museicapitolini.org)

3 – Galleria Borghese:
In the splendid Renaissance residence belonging to the Borghese family, you will find the world’s most beautiful collection: paintings, sculptures and frescoes of the greatest exponents of Italian art: Bernini, Caravaggio, Canova, Raphael, Titian, Correggio and Rubens. Among the marble, the paintings and the golden stucco of its rooms, the exhibition traces the genius and talent of these Italian artists and their most famous works: Pauline Bonaparte, The Sacred and Profane Love, Apollo and Daphne: absolutely do not miss ! (Www.galleriaborghese.it)

4 – Castel Sant’Angelo Museum : the Castle most important of Rome and the his history , from its beginnings as Tomb of Hadrian, the subsequent transformation in the papal residence and then in vatican prison, an trip on the history of Rome from the glory of the temporal power of Empire of the church, through the barbarians invasions , the Avignon Captivity and the revolutionaries “Moti Carbonari”.
Another unmissable view of the millenary charm of the capital. (Www.castelsantangelo.com)

5 – National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art: The most important representation of the Italian and international modern art from the nineteenth to the present day, through Picasso, Pollock, Modigliani, Mondrian, Guttuso.
the museum par excellence of the works of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. (Www.gnam.beniculturali.it)

The 5 Roman Museums not to be missed here reported are undoubtedly the most visited in the world.
To know Rome, its millenary history and its magnificent art, it is imperative to go to these 5 Museums in Rome .