Rome BB

The B & B Rome Bed in Art is in the center of Rome in the best location to visit the city.
The B & B has 4 rooms, 1 kitchen and 3 bathrooms.

Rome B&B  Via Filippo Turati, 102 , Rome , Italy
  B&B Info:    +39 349 4232501              Email:
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(Italiano) Magicland treno gratis da Roma Termini

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Il Parco Giochi Rainbow MagicLand ha raggiunto un accordo con Trenitalia e Regione Lazio, no rx grazie al quale sarà attivo un nuovo servizio treno + navetta che vi porterà direttamente al Parco Divertimenti Rainbow MagicLand e che ha sostituito il Bus Gratuito da Termini .

Tutti i treni partiranno dalla Stazione Termini con una cadenza di circa un’ora e all’arrivo di ogni treno alla Stazione di Valmontone, ci sarà una navetta gratuita che vi porterà al parco.

Per il ritorno, troverete la navetta per la Stazione di Valmontone che partirà 20 minuti prima del treno corrispondente dall’ingresso del parco giochi.

A tutti i visitatori MagicLand rimborserà il biglietto del treno .

Presentandosi alle casse del Parco con il biglietto del treno utilizzato , vi verrà erogato uno sconto pari a €6,00 sul prezzo del biglietto intero (costo del biglietto A/R da Roma) oppure, se avete già il biglietto, un buono del valore di €6,00 che potrete utilizzare nel parco.

La direzione fa presente che la promozione non è cumulabile e non è applicabile al biglietto serale .


 Orari Treni:

 Da:  Roma Termini      A: Valmon.             Da: Valmon.        A: Roma Termini 
              8.25                     9.15                         16.41              17.24
              9.20 (2)               10.10                        17.42               18.22
              9.25 (4)               10.08                        18.42               19.20

            10.20                     11.09                       19.37 (2)          20.20

            12.40                     13.12                        20.58              21.46
            15.40                     16.12                        21.52              22.44
            16.40                     17.12                        22.58 (3)         23.45
            17.40                     18.12                        23.03 (5)         23.38
            18.40                     19.12                        23.30 (4)          0.02

(2)giorni feriali (4)giorni festivi(NO STOP)
(3) giorni feriali (lun. – ven.) (4) giorni festivi (no stop)
(5) sab. feriale (no stop)

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B&B in Rome discounts of November


November, month of discounts at B & Bs in Rome

November is confirmed as the best month to visit Rome.

Thanks to discounted prices in Bed and Breakfasts and at favor of the beautiful Roman days that are a constant in the month of November, it this is definitely one of the best times to visit Rome, in add these factors is also the absence of long lines on  museums, characteristics in high season.

As usual among the many Bed and Breakfast in Rome B & B Bed in Art is distinguished by its attractive offers ranging from € 48 / night for a double room up to € 78 / night for a family room,
the great discounts joined the centrality of the apartment that facilitates sightseeing confirm the B & B Bed in Art a great choice for a fall vacation.

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Good news for Rome Bed & Breakfast and Hotels in Italy

Our beloved Italy falls in the top 10 ranking in the Country Brand Index 2011-2012 after having succumbed six positions in 2010 slipped to twelfth place. To publish is the site of the National Observatory of Tourism.

 The study examines 113 countries, the ranking is the result of a survey of a sample of over 3,500 guests of Bed & Breakfast and hotel for business or tourism purposes, from 14 selected countries from 5 continents, which are expressed of: the system of values​​, quality of life, business, tradition and culture, tourism.
 Italy is the tenth in the top 10 overall, first place for “Tradition and Culture” and the second for the “Tourism”

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Raimbow Magicland Amusement Park

Rainbow Magicland is the name of the fantastic new amusement park located in Valmontone, near Rome.
 The guests of the Bed Breakfast Rome Bed in Art will use its strategic position  to visit the beauties of Rome also to experience the magic of the new playground at Rainbow Magicland Valmontone.
 Just 50 meters from the Bed & Breakfast there is a train in just 35 minutes to reach directly to Rainbow MagicLand.

 As an alternative to 200 meters from the B & B can take the shuttle that takes you FREE roundtrip Rainbow Magicland plus you can buy bus tickets and avoid the long lines of ticket of the playground.
 Thanks to its area of ​​600,000 square meters Rainbow MagicLand is actually the biggest playground of Europe and with its 35 attractions ensures days filled with adventure and magic, suitable for both children and adults. Among our most popular attractions are “Cagliostro”, “The Dark Tower” and “Shock The Steam Machine”.

 Within the amusement park of the fairies Winxs welcome you and will show the spaces for families, from the ice rink, the Castle of Alpheus, to the theaters to watch magic shows.
 Ticket prices for Rainbow Magicland are € 40 for tickets valid for the entire day (reduced € 31). If you would prefer to restrict entry in the evening, the price goes down to 22 euros. Children under five feet in height do not pay anything, while for the groups, there are rebates and incentives that may apply to the official website using the form, otherwise the price of € 87.50 you can buy ‘subscription.

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In November the B&B in Rome is cheaper

November is the best month for a wonderful holiday in Rome on a budget.
 Thanks to the excellent climate Roman, who in November was able to give many days with the sun and the offers are easy to find this month is the best choice to spend a wonderfull and cheap holiday in Rome.

 In every holiday should always mediate between the desire to do many things and to spend as little as possible, or at least a reasonable fee. And especially when you want to organize a trip to Rome, having regard to its uneconomical nature.
 To achieve a good result just know how to take advantage of good opportunities.

 November is a month full of opportunity and take advantage of it is really simple: The B & B Rome Bed in Art throughout the month of November and the first half of December, offers double rooms for only 49 euros and triple room the incredible price of 65 euros .
 Save on accommodation and you will have the opportunity to have some extra cash for good restaurants, exhibitions, museums, and why not .. in so many wonderful souvenirs for your friends and family.

 When you want stay a weekend in Rome or a longer period, the month in November is really more convenient to plan your vacation.
 Have a wonderful holiday, visiting more museums, enjoying excellent cuisine Roman, to buy more souvenirs and your pocketbook, friends and family will thank you

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The B & B Rome Bed in Art is an apartment composed of a kitchen, a small dining room, 2 bathrooms and 3 rooms of different sizes, can accommodate up to a maximum of 12 persons, is ideal for groups and families.

B&B Roma


The Room 1, is a family room, has 5 beds, a sofa and a desk a small balcony, is equipped with air conditioning and heating.




bed roma


The room 2, is a quadruple room, has a large window, a desk and a chair, have air conditioning and heating. 




Bed in Art

 The room 3 is a Double bedroom, with bathroom with shower, a large window have air conditioning and heating.

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Bed And Breakfast in Rome Italy

The B & B Rome Bed in Art is in the center of Rome in the best location to visit the city.
The B & B has 4 rooms, 1 kitchen and 3 bathrooms. The rooms are spacious and bright, the largest is a comfortable sofa and a small balcony can accommodate up to 6 people with three or four bunk beds with single beds, then there’s another one quadruple and two double the bathroom while the other three bedrooms have 2 bathrooms with shower all in common.
The kitchen can be used for breakfast or for cooking in the fridge divided into the various rooms you can find the need to be sweet for breakfast (milk, biscuits and croissants) and salt (bacon and eggs) and also as kitchen and bedroom dapranzo is also used as a common area.

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Bed and breakfast Rome

 The ideal Rome accommodation for a pleasant stay .

bed and breakfast roma doppiaBed and Brakfast Rome in Art is a beautiful B & B in Rome located in Via  Filippo Turati, 300 meters from Termini station.

From B & B is within walking distance  the Colosseum, Fori Imperiali, Terme di Caracalla, the Mercati Traianei.   The apartment is located  in the city center, but also quiet and far from traffic noise. The apartment has been recently renovated offering a comfortable and clean. We offer three or four beds, or the classic double or twin rooms in B & B there are bathrooms with shower and a kitchen that you can use.

 The ideal accommodation for a pleasant stay in Rome.

Via Filippo Turati, 102 , Rome , Italy

Info:  +39 349 4232501                Email:


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Stay at B & B in Rome Art on Easter Monday and 1st May

Se volete soggiornare a Roma il 1 maggio per seguire la Beatificazione di Giovanni Paolo II, o per vedere il concerto di S. Giovanni potete trovare ancora posto a prezzi “giusti” al B&B Roma in Art.
Grazie alla sua posizione in via F. Turati a 300 metri da Termini il Bed and Breakfast Roma in Art rappresenta l’alloggio ideale per poter raggiungere con estrema facilità ogni parte della città.
Grazie alla camera quadrupla,la tripla e la doppia potrete trovare la sistemazione a voi più congeniale, resa ancora più confortevole dai bagni con doccia,dalla cucina e dai servizi inclusi di colazione,biancheria, asciugamani e pulizie che rendono l’alloggio accogliente e pulito.
Non esitate a contattare la struttura per informazioni e preventivi.

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