Rainbow Magicland

Rainbow Magicland a musement Park

Rainbow Magicland is the name of the fantastic new amusement park located in Valmontone, near Rome.
The guests of the Bed Breakfast Rome Bed in Art will use its strategic position to visit the beauties of Rome also to experience the magic of the new playground at Rainbow Magicland Valmontone.
Just 50 meters from the Bed & Breakfast there is a train in just 35 minutes to reach directly to Rainbow MagicLand.
As an alternative to 200 meters from the B & B can take the shuttle that takes you FREE roundtrip Rainbow Magicland plus you can buy bus tickets and avoid the long lines of ticket of the playground.
Thanks to its area of ​​600,000 square meters Rainbow MagicLand is actually the biggest playground of Europe and with its 35 attractions ensures days filled with adventure and magic, suitable for both children and adults. Among our most popular attractions are “Cagliostro”, “The Dark Tower” and “Shock The Steam Machine”.
Within the amusement park of the fairies Winxs welcome you and will show the spaces for families, from the ice rink, the Castle of Alpheus, to the theaters to watch magic shows.
Ticket prices for Rainbow Magicland are € 40 for tickets valid for the entire day (reduced € 31). If you would prefer to restrict entry in the evening, the price goes down to 22 euros. Children under five feet in height do not pay anything, while for the groups, there are rebates and incentives that may apply to the official website using the form, otherwise the price of € 87.50 you can buy ‘subscription.