Rainbow Magicland, free train from Rome Termini station

Rainbow Magicland, free train from Rome Termini station

The Rainbow MagicLand Park has reached an agreement with Trenitalia and the Lazio Region, thanks to which a new train + shuttle service will be active that will take you directly to the Rainbow MagicLand Amusement Park and that has replaced the Free Bus from Termini.
All trains will leave from Termini Station at approximately one hour and upon arrival of each train at Valmontone Station, there will be a free shuttle that will take you to the park.
For the return, you will find the shuttle to Valmontone Station that will leave 20 minutes before the corresponding train from the entrance to the playground.
All MagicLand visitors will reimburse the train ticket.
If you present yourself at the ticket office of the Park with the train ticket used, you will receive a discount of € 6.00 on the full ticket price (cost of the return ticket from Rome) or, if you already have the ticket, a voucher € 6.00 that you can use in the park.
The management points out that the promotion can not be combined and is not applicable to the evening ticket.
Train timetables:

From:                     To:                           From:              To:

Roma Termini      Valmon.                  Valmon.         Roma Termini

8.25                        9.15                         16.41                  17.24

9.20 (2)                  10.10                        17.42                 18.22

9.25 (4)                  10.08                         18.42                 19.20

10.20                     11.09                         19.37 (2)             20.20

12.40                     13.12                          20.58                 21.46

15.40                     16.12                          21.52                 22.44

16.40                      17.12                         22.58 (3)            23.45

17.40                      18.12                          23.03 (5)            23.38

18.40                       19.12                         23.30 (4)             0.02


(2) weekdays (4) holidays (NO STOP)
(3) weekdays (Mon.-Fri.) (4) public holidays (no stop)
(5) Sat. weekday (no stop)