Roma, un pò di storia

Rome … a bit of history

Rome is certainly the most famous city of history, having been the center of the known world for many centuries, the capital of an empire to which we owe the true globalization because of its streets which have permanently connected the major cities of the time and who triggered a process of cultural and commercial exchanges between peoples. Rome hosts every year millions of visitors who flock to its streets. The birth of Rome dating back almost three thousand years ago and during this long period succeeded significant historical and political events that led to the continued growth of the city up to the present times in which we still retain many architectural works. Just these works are the main attractions of the city that attract tourists from all over the world who, visiting various places, trace the vicissitudes of history and immerse themselves in these age-old ruins. The first settlements of ancient Rome took place on the famous seven hills (Palatine, Aventine, Capitoline, Quirinal, Viminal, Esquiline and Caelian) and still are referenced to recognize the various parts of the capital. Later the city was rapidly developed and territorial until you get to the high population density that we find today. Crossing the Tiber River, Rome is virtually divided into two parts connected to each other through some ancient bridges located in the main street. The history of the city visiting all the retraces the ancient remains that are still partly intact over time. Palaces, arches, obelisks, churches, ruins, villas, theaters, fountains, bridges, walls, castles, forts, towers only the primary tourist attractions and of course the historical-cultural values ​​of the city. Many of them have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site and therefore more protected by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, and Architectural Bound. In any alley or street in Rome there is some indelible mark that only a long-lived empire so he could have left.
Thanks to the presence of the Vatican City, Rome is considered the most important religious destination in the world. This means that all other churches and places of worship are under assault of tourists and the faithful. The city of Rome is the most populous and largest in Italy and arrives in the west, to the sea at Ostia in the area where there is the greatest density of tourists.

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